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Saturday, April 12, 2008

Michele Bachmann uses freedom of the (taxpayer-paid) press to promote herself

Excellent piece by Karl Bremer on Minnesota Monitor.

On Michele Bachmann's congressional website, she pledges to uphold the "American Taxpayers Bill of Rights" [pdf], which calls on House conservatives to "Restore fiscal discipline and find innovative new ways to do MORE with LESS … If families in America can tighten their belts, so too can bureaucrats in Washington."

But when it comes to Bachmann's self-promotion at taxpayer expense, there's no fiscal dieting to be found. An examination of congressional mailing expenditures from the first six months of 2007 shows Bachmann to be the runaway big spender in the Minnesota delegation, doing LESS with MORE tax dollars to promote herself.

The rest of the story at Minnesota Monitor


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