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Tuesday, April 29, 2008

Bachmann on the current state of the economy

Congresswoman Bachmann gave a speech on the floor of the House of Representatives last week to commemorate "Tax Freedom Day."

Unbelievable. Earth to Michelle...

Monday, April 14, 2008

Bachmann Quote of the Week #1

Rep. Bachmann got “particularly emotional” discussing immigration at a recent Monticello Chamber of Commerce meeting.

We’re losing our country,” declared Bachmann. “People are not assimilating themselves to America. They’re not speaking English, and you must speak it if you want to succeed here in this country,” she said. Bachmann also compared the situation on the border to the Israel/Palestine conflict, saying “the argument that fences don’t work doesn’t hold water. Look at Israel and Palestine. Fences work.”
Yes, that is really working well.

Saturday, April 12, 2008

Michele Bachmann uses freedom of the (taxpayer-paid) press to promote herself

Excellent piece by Karl Bremer on Minnesota Monitor.

On Michele Bachmann's congressional website, she pledges to uphold the "American Taxpayers Bill of Rights" [pdf], which calls on House conservatives to "Restore fiscal discipline and find innovative new ways to do MORE with LESS … If families in America can tighten their belts, so too can bureaucrats in Washington."

But when it comes to Bachmann's self-promotion at taxpayer expense, there's no fiscal dieting to be found. An examination of congressional mailing expenditures from the first six months of 2007 shows Bachmann to be the runaway big spender in the Minnesota delegation, doing LESS with MORE tax dollars to promote herself.

The rest of the story at Minnesota Monitor


Monday, April 7, 2008

Michelle Bachmann votes against students

Letter to the Editor from the College of St. Benedicts / St. John's University Record.

Michelle Bachmann votes against students
April 3rd, 2008

Dear Editor,

Michelle Bachmann just doesn’t seem to get it. Add her most recent news about the “War on fluorescent light bulbs” to her embarrassing list of irrationality during her tenure in Congress.

While I could talk about her scene at the State of the Union, her claim that the economy in Minnesota is fine because “we are the workingest state in the union” or her divulgence that she had secret information about an Iranian plan to partition Iraq —I won’t dwell on those issues.

Instead I’d like to highlight Michelle’s apparent disregard for college students. Her votes — all public record on Web sites like Vote Smart — offer insight to her consistent position against college students. Her votes against college students include bills which raise Pell grant limits (HR 4137) lower student loan interest rates (HR 5) and a longer deferment option for military students (HR 2669). Michelle Bachmann’s congressional Web site, and a list of all of her public record statements and speeches make no mention of helping out college students who continue to face rising tuition and student debt or, frankly, anything relating to assisting students.

But I digress: since announcing her intention to run for office and being elected to the House, Michelle hasn’t once visited CSB/SJU, so maybe she just doesn’t have any idea that 75 percent of our student body is eligible for need based aid or that the average CSB/SJU student graduates with over $24,000 in loans. Maybe it’s time to change this light bulb.

Joe Kane
SJU junior


Student for Bachmann is a graduate of St. John's University